Beverley Glazer

Therapist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Beverley Glazer

Therapist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Beverley Glazer MA draws on 27+yrs of experience as a therapist, Addiction Counsellor, and Empowerment Coach to share proven techniques and simple steps to age powerfully and confidently and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

She is the former host of a weekly AM talk radio show and co-author of a best selling self help book "How to Live the Life of Your Dreams' and a frequent guest on numerous radio shows, podcasts and blogs.

If assertiveness and confidence is blocking you from achieving the success you know you deserve, her program 'BreakThrough to Brilliance', will unlock your inhibitions, negative beliefs and experiences and transform how you view the world, how you act in the world and what you attract in the world, in only 6 weeks.

You will have the courage to get out of your shell and say 'yes' to new opportunities.

You will have the tools, guidance and techniques to overcome fear and doubt.

You will have increased selfworth and assertiveness in your personal and professional life.

You will walk away with clarity and be motivated and empowered.

If you're feeling stuck, undervalued or insecure, find out how easy it is to free yourself from this frustration.

Learn more, on my website, and take the free assessment to start rebooting your life and career right now.


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Working with you gave me the perspective I needed to turn both my life and career around. I never felt such confidence. It’s like I’m a completely different person and I love it!”
D. M., Austin Tx.
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