Beverley Glazer

Therapist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Beverley Glazer

Therapist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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This page is about me, but it's also about you!

If you've been downsized, lost your job, or stuck in a dead-end job; or perhaps you never had a job and want or need to get back into the workplace; or perhaps you're with Mr./Ms Wonderful and it's just not wonderful; r maybe it IS wonderful, but there's something missing ~ well, I help women who feel lost and unfulfilled to have the confidence torealize their potential, and create possibilities in business and in life.

I draw on 29+yrs of experience as a Therapist, Addiction Counsellor and Coach, to give you the tools to overcome challenges, be relevant, reinvent yourself at any age, find purpose and fall in love with life!

I’m a Life Transitions and Empowerment Expert, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Presenter, who has the tools and programs to make your life easier!

Whether you need to overcome addictions, codependency, food issues and other self-sabotaging behaviours, you're never too old and it's never too late to overcome that behavior.

I’m totally invested in your success, because your success is my success!

When we work together, we become partners. AND I ALWAYS have your back!

Think of me as your coach, your mentor and above all your friend!

Through positive feedback, step-by-step strategies, support (and yes, laughter too), I guarantee that you’ll become the person who you long to be!

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Working with you gave me the perspective I needed to turn both my life and career around. I never felt such confidence. It’s like I’m a completely different person and I love it!”
D. M., Austin Tx.
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