Beverley Glazer

Therapist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Beverley Glazer

Therapist, Life Coach, and Consultant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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I empower women to unleash the 'midlife maven' that's within. If emotional eating, co-dependent relationships, addictions and other self-sabotaging effect your personal and/or professional life; if you're frustrated because you know better, but keep repeating the same behaviors, I'll give you tools and techniques to change that.

Through step-by-step online coaching (or in my office practice) my clients change their former thinking, and have the attitude and direction to realize their goals.

Imagine what your life would be like without these issues!!

“While I hold a BA and MA (Cum Laude) in Counselling Psychology and numerous post graduate certifications in Addiction, Gambling, Food, Sex, Relationships, Coaching and have been trained at the Ellis Institute with Dr. Albert Ellis, my personal experiences and the success I’ve achieved for almost 3 decades in private practice, propelled me to help more people through coaching on-line.

‘What you believe, you can achieve!’ Mary Kay Ash

I believe that you are never too old, and it’s never too late to add fire to your life and rejuvenate the possibility of a new future you.

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Working with you gave me the perspective I needed to turn both my life and career around. I never felt such confidence. It’s like I’m a completely different person and I love it!”
D. M., Austin Tx.
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